Bible Fellowship

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What We Believe
Our SBT Sunday School and Adult Bible Fellowship Ministry focuses on teaching the Bible so that every age group can learn God's Word.  We are committed to the historic Christian faith and affirm the Bible as God's holy, inerrant Word.  SBT has chosen to use the King James Version (KJV) as our principal text for teaching.

What We Offer
Children and youth have dynamic classes and activities each week.  We also offer a variety of adult teaching forums and styles.  Our teachers are some of the most dedicated in all of Western Kentucky.  We pray that you will find a class at SBT that meets the spiritual needs of you and your family!  For assistance in finding one, call the Church Office at 270-444-9678. 

What to Know
TIME: Sunday School meets 9:45-10:30AM every Sunday.
LOCATIONS: You can find the various classrooms by referring to the online campus map, the "Southland Baptist Temple Campus Directory" found in a Visitor's Packet, or at our Information Center (rear of Sanctuary).

"They ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ."  -Acts 5:42 

Children & Teens
Young Adults 
Adult Classes

2yrs and under 

Beginner Dept
3-5 yrs 

Primary Dept
6-9 yrs 

Junior Dept
grades 4-6 

SBTyouth Small Groups
middle & high school 

Between Sundays

Safe House

Ambassador Class

Auditorium Class

Bible Prophecy Class

Caring & Sharing

Prayer Warrior Class

Recovery Class

Silent Banner (deaf)